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Temporary Foreign Workers


Canada welcomes temporary foreign workers to work in Canada. In fact working in Canada as a temporary foreign worker is a quick and an easy way to qualify for permanent residence. We invite you to explore these options.
Does your occupation qualify to work without a permit ? 
The immigration & Refugee Protection Regulations S. 186 defines foreign nationals that can work in Canada without a work permit. These occupations include: 
  • Business Visitors- R186(a)
  • Foreign Representatives- R186(b)
  • Family members of foreign representatives -R186(c)
  • Military personal -R186(d)
  • Foreign government officers -R186(e)
  • On-campus employment -R186(f)
  • Performing artists -R186(g)
  • Athletes and team members -R186(h)
  • News reporters, media crews -R186(i)
  • Public speakers -R186(j)
  • Convention organizers -R186(k)
  • Clergy -R186(l)
  • Judges, referees and similar officials -R186(m)
  • Examiners and evaluators -R186(n)
  • Expert witnesses or investigators -R186(o)
  • Heath care students -R186(p)
  • Civil aviation inspectors -R186(q)
  • Aviation accident or incident inspector -R186(r)
  • Crew -R186(s)
  • Emergency Service providers -R186(t)
  • Implied status -R186(u)
FW1 Foreign Worker Manual
FW2 Temporary Foreign Worker: Quick Reference Guide

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