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Our process

Pre-initial assessment

Initial assessment

The prospective client will provide us details about their application and we will do a basic assessment on your application and we will provide a free 20 minute consultation on phone, by appointment or by video meet. If after this step you decide to go further, we will follow the below steps. 

At this stage an initial assessment agreement will be signed and paid consultation will be provided. This will be a very detailed and thorough phone, video or by appointment consultation, giving you sound advise on your chances at your Canadian immigration objectives. We will also do a thorough assessment on your application details. We will provide you with information on all the immigration programs that you can qualify for. Sometimes the right program may not be the one that you have chosen. 

Retainer Agreement


Once you have decided to work with us. Then, a detailed retainer agreement is signed by the RCIC and the client. In the retainer agreement we provide a detailed break down of the scope of  services, the fees, your rights.  At this stage the consultant has been hired by you and we will start working on your case. The RCIC will also collect personal documents from you and will begin with the process of filing your application with the immigration authorities. Time to time the RCIC will keep following up your case with the immigration authorities until a final decision is made by the immigration authorities. 

All client information is held confidential. Your client file is retained in 

in a secure and accessible location for a minimum period after the case has been closed, this is in keeping in line with CICC regulations.

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