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Newcomers to Canada


Career coaching for Newcomers to Canada
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Newcomers to Canada struggle in the job market, they face higher levels of unemployment and lower wages than non-immigrants. These issues arise due to the following:

1) Lack of knowledge of Canadian work culture.
2) Resumes are not tailored to the Canadian job market.
3) Lack of communication skills. 
4) Out-dated qualifications and requirement for education upgrade.

If you are a newcomer to Canada, we work with you in addressing these skills. We will work with you in the following:

1) Tailoring your resume to the Canadian job market.
2) Provide consultation related to the Canadian job market.
3) Advise on improvement in communication skills.  
4) Search and advise on upgrading your education so that you can secure a high paying job in Canada.
5) Work on a financial plan with you. 

The above services are offered free of cost to our clients who are immigrating to Canada.
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