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Business Immigration Programs in Canada
Canada has various business immigration programs to choose from. The Federal Government operates two business immigration programs:
  • Self-Employed Persons, for those with experience in cultural or athletic activities at world class level or persons self-employed experience.
  • Start-Up Visa Programs, for those who have a qualifying business proposal. This program is ideal for those with an entrepreneur mind-set and have good entrepreneurship experience overall. 
Provinces have their own business programs:
Below are a few provincial nominee programs. Each programs has its own set details, criteria and qualification. Please contact us for a detailed assessment. 
British Columbia:
  • Entrepreneur Immigration Program 
  • Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
  • Strategic Projects
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Self-Employed Farmer
  • Foreign graduate start-up program
  • Entrepreneur category 
  • International graduate entrepreneur category
  • Farm owner & operator category
  • Entrepreneur pathway
  • Farm Investor pathway 
  • Entrepreneur stream
Nova Scotia:
  • Entrepreneur category
  • International graduate entrepreneur category
New Brunswick:
  • Business Immigration Stream
Prince Edward Island:
  • Entrepreneur Stream
Newfoundland & Labrador:
  • International Entrepreneur category
  • International graduate entrepreneur category
Northwest Territories:
  • Business Stream within Yellowknife region
  • Business Stream outside Yellowknife region
  • Business Applicant Category
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